Where Are You Going?

“Where will you go after you die?” is a vital question that we must all answer. Jim Blocksom, the founder and senior pastor emeritus of ICM, found the answer to this question as a young Air Force officer in Tokyo. … Continue reading

Pastor Gregg Hutton (KIC)
June 25


Our Humble Servant King (Lent Pt.3)

Do you want to know God? Some people just want to find or create the “truths” that personally comfort them. But because He loves us, the real God wants us to know the real truth. So let’s look to see … Continue reading

Mark Wolter (KIC)
April 9

Prayer (Lent for All Seasons, Pt.2)

Prayer is a broad spiritual practice. However, as Christians, we have an example set for us by Jesus Himself. Through Jesus’ own prayer life, we learn several important principles about prayer. The Bible also contains many prayers, as well as … Continue reading

Ewen Ebsworth (KIC)
April 2


Fasting (Lent for All Seasons, Pt.1)

Lent is practiced around the world by many Christians, while others remain unsure of the historical or religious significance of the season. Lent is commonly associated with the Biblical practice of fasting. Learn more about fasting, as well as some … Continue reading

Ewen Ebsworth (KIC)
March 26

Hearing and Responding to the Word of God (Luke Pt.29)

Listen to this message to learn how we can receive more light from God and become better lights in this dark world. Speaker: Mark Wolter Scripture: Luke 8:16-21 Location: Kyoto International Chapel (KIC), Kyotanabe Date: 2017.03.12 PLAY (43:08)   DOWNLOADS Right-click (or control-click) … Continue reading

Mark Wolter (KIC)
March 12

Parable of the Four Hearts Pt.1 (Luke Pt.27)

Jesus begins using parables to teach the crowds following Him. In this first one, He teaches about four kinds of soil and hearts. The first two are the footpath soil and the shallow soil. Jesus has something here that He … Continue reading

Pastor Gregg Hutton (KIC)
March 5


Sinners and Forgiveness (Luke Pt.26)

Here at the end of Luke 7, Jesus meets 2 people from far different lifestyles and heart attitudes. What is it that makes our hearts able to express great thanks for the grace and mercy shown to us by God? … Continue reading

Pastor Gregg Hutton (KIC)
February 26

The Age of the Kingdom (Luke Pt.25)

John the Baptist, observing Jesus’ ministry from afar, became confused as to what he was seeing. In John’s mind, Jesus was not acting the way he expected Israel’s messiah to behave. John sent some of his disciples to find out … Continue reading

Ewen Ebsworth (KIC)
February 19

The Sovereign God Comes Down to Us (Luke Pt.24)

Is Jesus the same sovereign God who created the world? If so, does he care for us? See in today’s passage of Jesus raising a boy from the dead how Jesus not only cares for people, but how he cares … Continue reading

Mark Wolter (KIC)
February 12

The Man who Amazed Jesus (Luke Pt.23)

In Luke 7, Jesus encounters the only man in the Bible whose faith amazes Him. What happens? Why is Jesus amazed? What can we learn from this man about faith and trust? Speaker: Pastor Gregg Hutton Scripture: Luke 7:7:1-10 Location: … Continue reading

Pastor Gregg Hutton (KIC)
February 5