“As the Father has Sent Me, I also Send You”

Christians have the same calling that Jesus had ― to preach the Gospel, proclaim release to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, set free those who are oppressed, and proclaim the favorable year of the Lord! Speaker: Pastor … Continue reading

Pastor Chris Momose (KIC+IIC)
January 8


Come to Worship

Jesus is the love of God incarnate. Matthew gives us a wonderful account of a group of people who came to worship Jesus – the Magi. Worship is the only fitting response to God’s love toward us in the giving … Continue reading

Ewen Ebsworth (KIC)
December 18

The Incomparable Excellency of Christ

Christmas is all about a birthday party. But Jesus is not just another great person of history. He is really incomparably important to each and every person living today. Learn in this message why that is. Speaker: Mark Wolter Scripture: … Continue reading

Mark Wolter (KIC)
December 11

Advent: Hope

As we enter the Christmas season, there is wonderful good news for us! Jesus is our Hope. In this passage, we find how He is the hope for all peoples and how we can live our lives in the joy … Continue reading

Pastor Gregg Hutton (KIC)
December 4


Blessed are the Persecuted (Luke Pt.20)

In Jesus’ beatitudes and woes from Luke chapter 6, Jesus speaks of future reward for persecution. Persecution is a reality for many Christians around the world, but Jesus assures us that it is never in vain. He also teaches us … Continue reading

Ewen Ebsworth (KIC)
November 20

For Your Joy – Love Your Enemies! (Luke Pt.19)

What does Jesus mean when He calls us to love our enemies? And how in the world do I have the ability to really LOVE my enemies from the heart and not just out of duty? Let’s look into the … Continue reading

Mark Wolter (KIC)
November 13

Blessed are You who Hunger and Weep (Luke Pt.18)

Continuing in our Luke series, Jesus speaks to His disciples and the many others listening about how we are to follow after God. What does it mean to be hungry? What does it mean to mourn? How can these be … Continue reading

Pastor Gregg Hutton (KIC)
November 6


Like a Tree Firmly Planted by Streams of Water

We are thankful for what the Lord has done during our first 35 years. Let’s always seek to know what the Lord is doing now and join Him in His work, as we move into a bright future as His … Continue reading

Chris Momose (KIC+IIC)
October 30

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit (Luke Pt.17)

In the Sermon on the Mount, and especially in the Beatitudes, Jesus spoke to His disciples and the large crowd around them about the qualities of someone who follows after God. What does Jesus teach us about being truly blessed? … Continue reading

Gregg Hutton (KIC)
October 23

Twelve Ordinary Men (Luke Pt.16)

Have you ever been discouraged when you see your own weakness or the weakness of other Christians around you? Have you ever wondered how God can even use such sinful and weak people as each of us are? Listen for … Continue reading

Mark Wolter (KIC)
October 16